In 2015 a new musical project emerged onto the scene, destined to shake up the european Black Music panorama. Its name is Powafunk. An explosive formula that blends original compositions, high levels of energy and influences from the biggest artists of this genre. This band hails from Barcelona and wants to conquer the most demanding of dance floors with their first record “Powafunk”(2016). Funk, Disco, Soul, Rock & Jazz are all infused into their debut album, and everything guided/directed by Charlie Moreno, bassist, composer and producer of the band.


You’ll find reminiscent touches of Stevie Wonder, Prince, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Bootsy Collins, Parliament-Funkadelic and other great artists. The band creates a sound that hooks you instantly, with a remarkable personal touch. In addition, this project counts on exceptional musicians with vast amounts of stage experience: Alba Perez & Alex Delgado on vocals, Marc Quintillá on guitar, Jeffe Otto on drums, Rober to Albrecia on sax and Leo Torres on trumpet.

Get ready to discover one of the most outstanding projects of 2016. You’ll get a gust of fresh air in the shape of pure groove. Get ready to discover Powafunk.